#1Patient1Record4Belgium opens the debate on the standardization of patient records in Belgian healthcare

Jan Vekemans, Founding Father


#1Patient1Record4Belgium is a community where all Belgian healthcare actors can come with ideas, opinions, but also questions about patient records in Belgium.

More specifically, #1Patient1Record4Belgium aims to make healthcare more fluid by creating a single patient record accessible to all stakeholders at the medical level. Today, we are not there yet, though the hospital world took a big step forward some time ago. Since January 1, 2020, the Belgian hospital landscape has been made up of 25 networks or groups of hospitals that have joined forces, a change that aims to put the patient first.

Fragmented medical records

Over the past few decades, however, the approximately 200 different hospitals have struggled to develop their own software to create and maintain patient records and have thus been limited to sharing the patient records only internally, with their various departments.

These individual systems are often incompatible with each other, which means that the exchange of patient records between different hospitals is and remains a real challenge. As a result, a patient’s medical data is often fragmented.

Therefore, the first objective of #1Patient1Record4Belgium is to put forward this issue and create a community where it can be discussed and where there is room for ideas, suggestions and opinions, but also where all those involved can interact with questions about the topic. By following and using the #1Patient1Record4Belgium hashtag, everyone can participate in this constructive debate, from patients to doctors and all other stakeholders in the healthcare  ecosystem, including home nurses and specialists and all those who work with hospitals on a daily basis

Healthcare professionals as ambassadors

#1Patient1Record4Belgium also seeks to create an expert group – led by project leader, Jan Vekemans – made up of healthcare providers, hospital representatives, patient associations, politicians and journalists.

Everyone involved will actively participate in roundtable discussions, debates and polls. The next step is for all these healthcare professionals to act as ambassadors of the cause and start the debate within their networks by sharing messages or spreading the #1patient1record4Belgium hashtag.

Ultimate goal

It is a community looking for a solution with no intention of promoting certain products or services. The group of experts is free to propose any possible solutions to the problem and to discuss them. The ultimate goal is for each patient to have complete access to his or her medical file, regardless of where this comes from, and that he or she can share this information by giving consent on making part or all of their data available.

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