All data should stay with the source – so we need to make sure we connect the sources

Security and Consent. These are two concepts that cannot exist without each other. And certainly not when it comes to what we are fighting for with #1Patient1Record4Belgium: ensuring that patient data actually reaches the patient. Sylvie Vandevelde, who works at itsme®, knows how important it is to ensure security, user-friendliness and respect for privacy.

About itsme®

itsme® was launched in 2017. Nowadays more than 6.5 million Belgians now use the identity application to identify themselves online, confirm banking transactions and sign documents. The application is unique in Europe and the idea behind this concept has many similarities with the #1Patient1Record4Belgium movement.

The patient is the data

With #1Patient1Record4Belgium, we don’t want to create a single “large file”, but we want the patient to simply have access to his/her medical data. Reasonable, right? In addition, you as a patient have a digital identity, so there is no need for this data to be distributed in a way that makes diagnosis correct or determines treatments more difficult.

To achieve this, a system like itsme® – where security, usability and privacy are essential – is an interesting solution. There must be an ecosystem that is recognized by all parties, and perhaps more importantly: where there is trust between all parties.

As a patient, you have to stay in control. You must give your consent and must also be able to see for yourself what type of consent you are giving. In this way, trust is created: you can trust the hospital, because you have given your consent and the hospital knows that the data linked to you is indeed yours.

The data belongs to the user. A system must ensure that this is stored securely and encrypted and when it needs to be shared it is done in a secure manner.

Sylvie Vandevelde

Do you also agree that we need better access to our health data? Join the #1Patient1Record4Belgium movement, share your experiences and work together to improve healthcare in Belgium.

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