Let’s make a difference: here’s what it would take for better access to medical data

So, what data can save lives? What types of data are available? Why isn’t all the data readily available everywhere? It’s time to review all this. Together, let’s make a difference.

The patient is the data

We have said it before: “the patient is the data”. It is disconcerting that this is not yet the case. Take banking data, for example. When it comes to bank data, there is no doubt: the data (money) belongs to you. But when it comes to health data, there’s a big debate about who owns it.

Since there is no clarity on this, an unclear situation naturally arises. The management of this important data is fragmented between different actors, be it the first and second lines of care, or between different departments of the same hospital, between hospitals of the same network, between different HUBs… Which is exactly the problem.

Many benefits

There are many examples of data stored in inaccessible places. Data that can make the difference between life and death with the right treatment, for example. The solution is very simple: share the data directly at the source. It’s productive and simple.

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What do we need in Belgium?

Healthy data. For us, healthy data means that the data collected is consistent, complete and reliable. This starts with the data entry. And it doesn’t stop there. Digital data is only available if it is collected and stored correctly and according to strict standards.

If the ultimate goal is a system where patients are treated in their most comfortable environment, isn’t it essential to have all relevant data available wherever the patient is? This is what we are committed to with #1Patient1Record4Belgium. Join us to make a difference.

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