Roadmap: the path we need to take together

Although we have the applications and technology to enable unified access to your medical data, more than 11.5 million Belgians do not have it today. We can already see you thinking about what it takes to take the next step. In this blog, you will find the roadmap that shows the way forward. Together.


Better access, or rather unified access to all your medical data, is the goal. To get there, we have a road to travel together. Together with other experts (from healthcare and IT, among others), Founding father of the #1Patient1Record4Belgium movement Jan Vekemans has developed a roadmap with three necessary steps.

1. Healthy data

Everything starts with healthy data. For us, healthy data means that the data collected is consistent, complete and reliable. Digital data can only be researched if it is collected and stored correctly and according to strict standards. Legislation can make a difference in this respect and ensure correct use. The current situation – where as a patient or loved one you have to rely on standards such as the current HUBs – does not work. Stories like Karlien’s are living proof of that.

2. The Data Exchange

The next step is to ensure that all health data is accessible in hospital EHR and GP EMRs. Currently, hospitals may have different EHR, or they may have the same EHR but be configured differently. This obviously makes sharing information difficult. So what is the solution? An interconnection tool (a unified care record) that allows data to be catalogued and shared between EHR and hospitals. Just look at the Netherlands. There, data doesn’t stay on the UCR network for more than 5 minutes. Or in Denmark, where the integrated system allows direct access to network information.

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3. Unlocking the system for secondary use

The patient is in control and the first and second lines are aligned. Then it’s time to unlock the system for secondary use. The pharmaceutical and life science industries can go directly to the patients and the hospitals benefit from the impartiality of the patients; they have the consent data themselves and are therefore voluntarily involved. The beauty of this is that it is a flexible solution, while leaving the door open for future improvements.

Let’s do what #1Patient1Record4Belgium was created for and join forces to make it work!

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