What is the difference between Data Quality and Data Health, if any?

Von #1Patient1Record4Belgium am 09. November 2023 um 17:34

The healthcare sector relies heavily on patient data, and because of its consequences, it is crucial to find the balance between healthy and high-quality data.

Will we be the generation that makes a
difference or will we wait for
the next generation to act?

Von #1Patient1Record4Belgium am 03. May 2023 um 08:17

Change is needed. There’s no question about that. And ideally, we’d like it to happen now, but that’s not how it works. Leo Exter, founder of Hack Belgium Labs, said in another article that not everyone is aligned with the notion of change yet. So can we sit back and wait for the next generation to take action? Anything but.

5 testimonials from the community that show why change is needed

Von #1Patient1Record4Belgium am 17. April 2023 um 13:47

The #1Patient1Record4Belgium community allows everyone in the healthcare industry – from providers to patients – to come together to share ideas, opinions and questions about medical data. We stand for transparency in healthcare. And we are not there yet today. The stories we receive every day are testament to that.

Leo Exter: “We don’t have to wait for the system to catch up with us – we have to act now”

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In general, we all like to work on projects to achieve concrete results. Big bang projects. Leo Exter, founder of Hack Belgium Labs, knows something about that. Participants in the events he organizes, such as Hack Healthcare, first and foremost discuss the concrete results they want to achieve. With HackBelgiumLabs, the focus is mainly on shorter projects that can produce results within 12 to 18 months. And this is what we also have to do in a broader medium-term perspective.

The 6 biggest benefits of centralized access
to all your medical data

Von #1Patient1Record4Belgium am 14. April 2023 um 15:15

Data has become a critical component of modern healthcare. The availability of patient data is crucial to providing quality care, managing patient privacy and safety, and promoting patient engagement. Yet, the accessibility of medical data across the healthcare system is hampered by data silos and lack of interoperability between healthcare systems.

Roadmap: the path we need to take together

Von #1Patient1Record4Belgium am 17. March 2023 um 17:41

Although we have the applications and technology to enable unified access to your medical data, more than 11.5 million Belgians do not have it today. We can already see you thinking about what it takes to take the next step. In this blog, you will find the roadmap that shows the way forward. Together.

Let’s make a difference: here’s what it would take for better access to medical data

Von #1Patient1Record4Belgium am 28. February 2023 um 14:28

So, what data can save lives? What types of data are available? Why isn’t all the data readily available everywhere? It’s time to review all this. Together, let’s make a difference.

„We have the applications and the technology, now it’s time to take the next step.“

Von #1Patient1Record4Belgium am 24. February 2023 um 17:17

We don’t need to explain it to you anymore: data quality, collecting and making good data available are key points of #1Patient1Record4Belgium. Daan Aeyels, Senior Advisor for Wellness and Health Policy at VOKA (Flemish Business Network), says that we already have a lot of data, but we just don’t reuse it and use it in clinical treatments. And yet, that is precisely what is so important.

The problem is not only frustrating for the patient, but also for the caregivers

Von geoffroyvitoux am 12. January 2023 um 17:55

Through your own experience as a patient or by experiencing it as closely as possible through a loved one: everyone must face the problem of managing their medical file that we wish to resolve.

All data should stay with the source – so we need to make sure we connect the sources

Von #1Patient1Record4Belgium am 12. January 2023 um 17:30

Security and Consent. These are two concepts that cannot exist without each other. And certainly not when it comes to what we are fighting for with #1Patient1Record4Belgium: ensuring that patient data actually reaches the patient. Sylvie Vandevelde, who works at itsme®, knows how important it is to ensure security, user-friendliness and respect for privacy. About […]

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